About photo purchasing

Due to the absolutely massive amount of pictures I take at each event (usually 1200+ pictures) I do not have time to make adjustments and fine tune each photo. I try my best to get them close, and get them online as quickly as possible. Each photo print that is purchased is reviewed, and adjustments and fine tuning are made before it is sent off to the print lab. Due to the nature of photo purchasing I do not have the opportunity to review digital download purchases before you receive them, but I am notified. In circumstances where the photo could use adjustments I normally contact the buyer and provide them with a touched up copy of their download. If you are interested in a picture, and you would like to see what the final version would look like, please feel free to shoot me an email and request that I touch up your photo. Just give me the event name, and the picture number (DSC_XXXX) and I can usually respond within a few hours. I do though have a day job so my pictures aren’t fully available to me during normal working hours.
Additionally, anyone who purchases the “full resolution” digital download is offered by me the camera “raw” (Nikon .NEF) file of their picture. In some circumstances I shoot in .jpg mode so the raw file isn’t always available, but I normally shoot events in raw. In order to open or utilize this .NEF file you need to have an advanced photo editing software like photoshop that is fully up to date. I shoot with a Nikon D700 but events prior to July 2009 were shot with a Nikon D80. The photo hosting site does not host these .NEF files so you’ll need to contact me and I will supply you with the files as soon as I can. If you are fully expecting these files, it would be best to contact me before the purchase so I can confirm that I did capture the photo in raw format. I can also provide for you permanent online storage of the full resolution photo at your request. Most photo hosting sites will shrink and compress the photo for storage, my site does not. It also provides several viewing sizes including the original. You can use these resizes for posting in message forums, posting on your own website, or emailing a friend a link to the photo. Here is an example:
There is also a handy “share” button if you close the lightbox that can automatically email the link, post to social networking services, and create forum or blog links.
If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email me. I am more than happy to spend a few minutes touching up a photo or answering your questions.