2009 Black River Stages

2009 Black River Stages on September 19th and 20th in upstate NY. Entire gallery found here : http://gtluke.smugmug.com/RallyAddict/2009-Black-River-Stages

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The Parc Expose’ was mid Saturday afternoon, we arrived there around 12:30 and spent the next 45 minutes talking to drivers and other local fans.

SS1, Texas, was about 20 minutes away. We arrived at the spectator area and soon realized that is was a very long bend (6?) with very limited viewing area.

After SS1 we headed out to Jerdan Falls North. Here we planned to watch the stage and then move on, however there was a quite serious crash that resulted in delays. While waiting we messed around taking a few pictures.

After a couple hours the stage finally went hot. I had some issues getting the type of night shots I wanted but these will have to make due.

That was the end of our night. We went back to Watertown to hit up Buffalo Wild Wings and then pass out.

The next day we headed out to Fullerville South. Here we met up with a team that had some bad luck that morning. We proceeded to ask questions about where we could find a decent garage in Brooklyn. I cant thank Ozgur enough for being patient with all of our questions.

After watching two passes our weekend was over, we headed back to Watertown to grab some food at the Texas Roadhouse.

Overall it was a great weekend, but I wish the spectator spots could have been more exciting.

*We didn’t forget about the bikers either*

4 Responses to “2009 Black River Stages”

  1. Logan Murphy Says:

    Glad yo enjoyed it. you want a better view next time then volunteer. Had lots of spots on texas I could have used warm bodies on for safety reasons and could have given you good shots. (Stage Captain Texas and Goose Pond Rds)

  2. Sockalexis #94 Says:

    is there a way to team based galleries like some of the other rally photo sites?

    id like to see as many of the 94 car as i can, so i can pick and choose some to order. this was our first rally and id like to have some nice pics to frame,

  3. gtluke Says:

    Team based search is something I’ll try to add next time. I could always run through the pictures and pick yours out if needed. Just shoot over an email.

    And Logan, great idea and it’s something we are working on. I’m currently in ham radio class so I can volunteer and have a radio. I always assumed that photography would get in the way of volunteering but if you need extra hands we are a sober and responsible bunch. I’ll try that out next time.

  4. Dave Says:

    Sockalexis, I just put up all of the decent car #94 pictures. They can be ordered through Smugmug at basic cost, I also changed it if you want to download a copy of the pictures you can now right click save as.

    Glad you had such a good time at your first event! Any idea what your next event will be? I will try to stop by and say hi.

    Just remember us when you make it big!


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