2009 RallyNY Fall Rallysprint

Pictures available here:


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  1. Craigsnedeker Says:

    Hey love your pictures. I was there 😀 I remember seeing you, the dude who set up the flash in the grass right? I was right across from you 😀
    If you wanna check out pictures I took (pretty sure I took one with you in it) check my site 🙂

    Hope to cya tomarrow at RNY though I doubt it, we’re going to the free admission area. 🙁

  2. gtluke.com » 2010 Winter Rally New York Says:

    […] packed some chemical foot warmers. For the first passing, SS7 I chose the same spot I used during 2009 Fall Rallysprint which was basically inside a giant pine tree up on a hill on the outside of the turn. I got some […]

  3. Ray Says:

    Great pics..

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